Would you be interested in:

  • Guaranteed rent with no voids for at least two years.
  • Up to £250 towards preparing the property for rent.
  • Full support of registered charity Rural Refugee Network including designated housing and resettlement teams.
  • The chance to give a safe haven to those who have been forced to flee from their homes abroad.

The Situation

 The war in Syria has left the world with a humanitarian crisis that has not been seen on this scale for a generation. The Rural Refugee Network (RRN) is working to enable our local authorities develop a resettlement programme to provide homes for a number of vulnerable families keen to get back on their feet. Last year, children died from the harsh conditions in UN-administered camps on the boarders of Syria. We have an opportunity to save lives and the Government has committed to resettle up to 20,000 refugees from these areas over the next 5 years. To date only a small percentage of this commitment has been fulfilled and time is running out.  We need homes that they can live in. 

Q&As for Landlords

Why are we asking private landlords to house Syrian families?

Most local authorities have a shortage of housing with long waiting lists for UK residents. We don’t want to make this a fight between housing that is available for local people who need it and vulnerable refugees.  Local authorities and RRN are looking to work with private landlords and agents who can help.

What types of homes are needed?

We are currently looking for properties of one or more bedrooms throughout Hampshire that have decent access to local services, transport and local amenities.  The property must have it’s own front door.

How long do I need to be willing to rent the property for?

12 months minimum. To offer increased stability for the refugees as they settle into their new community we are asking that wherever possible landlords consider renting their properties to refugees for at least 2 years.

How much will I be paid to rent my home?

You will be paid at Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates. If you want to check what rate you would receive for your property, visit There will also be a deposit through the local authority.

How long will it take to organise for a Syrian refugee to be in my home?

We are looking for homes immediately and if necessary, there will be a payment to cover the rent for up to 3 months prior to the refugees signing their tenancy agreement and moving in order to secure the property.

What kind of impact can I make?

By offering private rented accommodation to refugees, landlords can make a huge contribution. Quite frankly you will be saving lives and ensuring vulnerable people have the means to become independent.  Providing a home is the first step on the ladder to enable a family to get back on their feet.

How do I get more information?

If you are a landlord and are willing to explore renting your house or flat to a Syrian refugee, please contact us at

 Property Requirements:

  • At least 1 bedroom
  • Good transport links
  • Basic local amenities and services
  • Must have it’s own front door