March 29, 2017

Assembly Packs

Good morning/afternoon
Thank you for thinking about delivering an assembly to the pupils in your school on the Syrian Refugee crisis.

First, a little bit of information about the voluntary organisation we belong to which is called The Rural Refugee Network  (RRN)

We help support people from Syria who have had to leave their own country under very difficult circumstances and come to live in the UK.   We have all heard a lot about refugees in the news and often wonder what happens to these people, who are just like you and me, but have had to leave their homes, families, jobs and schools.  The UK Government has agreed to help 20,000 of these people re-settle in the UK over the next five years.  The trouble is they had to leave everything behind when they left Syria.  Being refugees they were unable to bring any of their belongings with them, so they now need everything to start again.

This is where the RRN can help.

The RRN helps find homes that are available to rent from private landlords.  We help furnish these homes with items donated by people in our local community, such as sofas, beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, fridges – even sets of cutlery or duvets for the beds.  We have a number of volunteers who teach the families English, which they learn very quickly, and ‘buddies’ to help familiarise them with healthcare provision, schools and shops.  It isn’t hard to imagine how difficult everyday life would be without all of those things and not being able to speak any English at all while striving to become independent and integrate into new communities throughout the UK.  The RRN also works very hard to raise funds to pay for things such as the internet so they can keep in touch with those left behind, or forced to seek refuge elsewhere, as it is vital to maintain family cohesion in such difficult times

Please think about how you could support the plight of these displaced people.  Perhaps you would consider naming the RRN as your chosen charity for the year, organize a fundraising event or just bring the work of the RRN to the attention of parents and pupils through your school newsletter or website. Our website address is and our Facebook account can be found under Rural Refugee Network.

Idea for School Assembly

(Please feel free to change as you wish)

  1. Music for assembly – You, Me, War by Jenny Moe (search Google)
  2. As pupils come into assembly hand them an A4 piece of paper to take special care of as there is something they will be asked to do with it.
  3. When pupils are settled in assembly, introduce the theme of refugees and ask children if they know anything about the Syrian refugee crisis. Encourage a short discussion – below are some ideas.
  4. Show RRN (1) for all pupils and/or (2) for secondary pupils.

RRN (1) Video:

  1. A short discussion could then introduce the idea of building a boat to display in the school to show support for these desperate people. The boat could be made from lots of individual little boats from the paper they were given at the start of assembly. They could write a prayer on it, a wish, or words of support for the refugees if they would like

Show ‘You Tube’ of boat making. (This can be done in the classroom)

  1. Once boats are collected from classes, make up into one boat displayed in the school for pupils, parents and visitors to view.

Please feel free to add to or change as appropriate for your classes or school.

Feedback welcome.


Thank you

Rosie Lennon
RRN Education Team Leader