All accommodation is allocated specifically to those refugees that the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has identified as being the most vulnerable and in urgent need of resettlement.

  • We source housing through working with private landlords, media outlets and churches.
  • Once we have sourced potential housing it is then checked by the relevant Local Authorities.
  • The County Councils then work directly with the Home Office to allocate a suitable Syrian refugee family currently on the UNHCR list for the property.
  • All refugees that RRN helps are pre-vetted by both the UNHCR and the UK Government. It is the responsibility of Local Authorities and the British Red Cross to provide protection to the incoming families.
  • Appropriately trained and vetted members of the RRN team have contact with the refugees themselves, through provision of English language tuition and other be-friending and integration support.
  • Any member of the team who does have contact will have been a) DBS checked and b) have been appropriately trained by the British Red Cross.