May 11, 2020

Help us walk 2,527 miles

Help us walk 2,527 miles for the Rural Refugee Network and John Badley Foundation

By Al McConville, Director of Learning and Innovation

UPDATE:  Bedales raises £7,254 from Syria to Steep lockdown fundraiser. View the latest news from

The three schools are planning a joint fundraising event during the week of 16-22 May in support of our partner charity, the Rural Refugee Network, and the John Badley Foundation. Here’s the challenge: between us, we would love to walk (or bike or run) from Idlib in Syria to Bedales in a week. That’s 2,527 miles, or 4,066km. So, we’re asking that families plan to devote some (or all!) of their weekly exercise allowance in the week before half-term to clocking up miles for a good cause, and to get sponsored for doing so. More details will follow next week about how to use the ‘Pledgit’ platform to contribute, but we hope to generate an uplifting sense of community effort around this initiative without breaching social distancing guidelines.  Bedales raises 

Contributions Bedales raises £7,254 from Syria to Steep lockdown fundraiser can be made online at: