March 30, 2020


As the coronavirus pandemic spreads in our community, we want to make sure that no-one has to go hungry.  In our region, food banks are already running short of essentials and we expect demand to go up as the reality of no pay impacts those people who are laid off work.


When you shop, can you please take a moment to reflect on what you really need, or ask yourself whether you could donate it to a family that is hungry today?  Or if you can, please send a financial donation.  And of course, please only donate items if, on your UK government allowed trips, it is convenient to do so.  


Alternatively, many food banks locally will accept donations of money (online or over the phone) for their existing team to buy food – this is by far the safest way to help if you are able to, and details for Liss, Alton and Petersfield are below:




From John, Volunteer Community Team, Alton: “The demand for our service is through the roof so our two needs are food and money to replenish stocks as the warehouse get low. Anything that you can do would be a big help”


What you can do:

·  Contributions of tinned or packaged foods of all sorts would be appreciated.

·  If you have a prized supermarket delivery slot, you may consider ordering a little extra each time for the food bank.

·  There is a collection point at the Rectory in Liss where items would need to be dropped off. We know many food banks are beginning to run short of UHT milk, tinned fish and meat, tinned potatoes, cereal (not porridge), pasta, rice, sugar, but please check your local food bank’s website or social media channels to find out what items they need most before donating.

 A very big thank you.



Liss Foodbank: At the moment, the best place for food donations is St Mary’s Rectory, 111 Station Road, GU33 7AQ next to the church. Please note this is a drop off point only and not the store, which has no public access. If you wish to make a cash donation, for now please ring  01730300659 or 0173030092






Petersfield Foodbank: Petersfield Methodist Church. 6 Station Rd  GU32 3ED 

·  Needed: long life milk, dried packs of pasta, small packs/bags of cereal, soap and packet soups. 

·  Donations of these and any other food can best be delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 12 noon, when our volunteers can let people in briefly to The Store at the Methodist Church on Station Road. Details of opening times and how to make a contribution online can be found at:

Havant Foodbank:




Stay well everyone, and stay safe.



With very many thanks,


RRN Trustees, Jules and Nadia 


Rural Refugee Network